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Welcome To The All New Kellers Trading

Kellers Trading has been in business selling Alaskan gifts and arts since the Alaskan Gold Rush Days. It was established in 1906 as a pharmacy and gift shop. Kellers has made many changes since then. Although Kellers has been sold several times, it has been in the same family for nearly 20 years now, and is one of the largest gift shops in Alaska today.

Kellers Trading offers a wide variety of Alaskan art. We have a large selection of Native Alaskan Artisans that carve incredible sculptures from materials such as walrus jawbone, whalebone, soapstone, ivory and baleen. We also keep available a choice selection of rare Alaska Native art.We also carry some renowned artists such as C. Alan Johnson and Linda Petree. C. Alan Johnson's Eskimo art collection includes gorgeous Eskimo figurines and prints. Linda Petree is a legendary Scrimshaw carving artist who focuses her miraculous skills on collectable custom knives of every size.

Kellers Trading loves the land of Alaska and its rich history. Alaska was once owned by Russia and there is still a large amount of Russian influence around every corner. One of the oldest Russian art forms is the Matryoshka doll, of which we carry a large selection. Totemic art has always been a large part of many native cultures. Tribes use totemic figures to tell stories of their past. We carry animal totems from cultures throughout the Northwest Coast.

From the smallest salmon to the Majestic Bald Eagle, we have a wide variety of totemic figures. For nearly a century, Kellers Trading has been a wonderful destination for Alaskan Gifts. Please come in and explore our breathtaking collection of Alaskan treasures, which is as vast as Alaska itself.

Facts about the state of Alaska

Alaska is over twice as large as the state of Texas
Alaska State Bird: Willow Ptarmigan
Alaska State Flower: Forget Me Not
Alaska State Animal: Moose
Alaska State Capitol: Juneau - only accessible by boat or plane
Alaska State Tree: Sitka Spruce
Alaska State Sport: Dog Mushing
Alaska State Gem: Jade
Alaska State Mineral: Gold
Alaska State Motto: North to the Future
Population of Alaska: 650,000
Tallest Mountain in North America: Alaska's Mt. McKinley
Sold to the United States in 1867 for 2 cents an acre
Became the 49th state on January 3rd 1959